But it can’t be! The Horror!

As I run to each corner of every street, desperately seeking for just a modicum of authenticity, the unforeseen dawns on me; no one is alive. I shake the bodies of every human that walks past me, but all they can do is regurgitate. Their reiterations begin to resonant off of one another. It is not their fault; they are only echoing the badges that have been delicately placed onto their shoulders and across their chests. They are the imposters of the soul-searching westward bound, the manipulators of plasma; a marvelous sight might I add, as their fingers intertwine a cyber dimension, they are the artificially interested, the contemporary collectors of Chuck Taylors and turn tables, they are the, Well-I-think-I’m-correct-without-any-sort-of-validation-generation. Fight for a cause for the sake of talking louder. They are all in a movie starring themselves and who’s to tell them they cannot be the only actor. 


4 thoughts on “But it can’t be! The Horror!

  1. Authenticity is exceedingly rare in this world. Most people want to be someone they have been told to be. It never occurs to them that who they are is perfect. Seems to me, the very few who are authentic tend to be writers – like you and I.
    And so you know, every time I come back here, I smile. In some other-worldly way, I believe we are very connected. Keep at it. Please.

  2. I fear I might fall into the category of those in your post. How pathetic is that! Be that as it may I’m certainly very delighted to see that you and T2H13 have connected. You should be writing books. Both of you!

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