Oh, Judith

At 10:23pm on a Saturday I would imagine that most people my age are out being social and so forth. I am sitting in my green torn up recliner, watching judge Judy in the shirt I wore to work today and pj bottoms adorned with small sheep, floral sheep to be specific. I usually do not like to post unless I really have some emotion or idea to convey, but tonight I am beyond lazy. The thought of discharging myself from this idleness, forces my body to sink even further into my poorly upholstered chair; this is my citadel for the evening. I do not know if it’s exhaustion or melancholy that is accompanying me tonight; maybe a little bit of both and lets not forget Judy.


3 thoughts on “Oh, Judith

  1. Hey …Wake up!
    I’m writing to you….again! That recliner looks pretty comfortable to me. Melancholy. I feel that a lot. Is that a bad thing?


  2. Feelings are just feelings. All we ever have to do is feel them, then they go away and we get a new one. Melancholy works. Especially when it gives way to something better.

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