The Deed is Done

I have deleted my facebook. I know this bares no weight on any one’s life but my own. I am slowly erasing my virtual existence. Although, since this site exists I suppose I am not entirely dissolving from the cyber landscape.

Every time I start up my computer and I slide the cursor over to the URL bar to type in the site I want to visit and get lost in, I can’t help but begin to type facebo….then I get upset. I don’t know where to direct my anger, should I be pissed off that I have logged into that site so many times that it has now become an act of muscle memory, or should I be upset with the people I stalk or who are better known as my “friends”.

Lets be realistic. I only care about the well being of maybe a handful of people…maybe. Otherwise I am just taking a glimpse into the lives of others as I internally scrutinize what they are doing. “Jane Stein is so over it <3″. who gives a fuck? I do. As I sit and call Jane a worthless bitch. It’s all incredibly unhealthy, thus I am returning to the real world or whatever the real world is in 2010. Hopefully, more appealing than the virtual one I have recently left. If not I am fucked and so are you.

Now all I need to do is get a land line for a phone and I’ll almost be a person again. Who knows maybe I’ll go all out and pick up a hobby, start collecting and what not. Showing people the useless crap I call treasure, just to keep myself busy and out of other people’s lives. Jokes. But seriously phone line; it’s happening.

It’s intriguing how the information superhighway was instated to spy on the Soviets. Now we spy on each other.


4 thoughts on “The Deed is Done

  1. Congratulations on your liberation! The WP blogosphere is a vast universe — so you can be a nonconformist within your experience of conforming. Looks to me as though your (wildly unique!) style of expressing yourself is way better suited to blogging than to facebooking. Your stuff is raw and real and puts me on edge a bit, because part of me is entertained and part of me wonders how you’re doing. Not a bad thing; just what is. I hope blogging is good for you in whatever way you want it to be.

  2. It’s because of people like you, who see the big picture, what really matters, that balance with the malicious, attacking, stupid and ignorant people out there. Keep on expressing yourself, never stop.

  3. My God ! You have arrived! Another friend of mine…Rachel. Hmmm, the virtual world not a good place for me. I’m drawn in too easily, fucks me up! then spits me out. I so admire creative writers. I used to be one. Not anymore …Not anymore.

    Continued Success …

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